8.6. Search queries tracking

DataparkSearch supports query tracking.

When doing a search, front-end uses table qtrack to store query words, client IP address, a number of found documents and current UNIX timestamp in seconds and table qinfo to store all search parameters.

To enable tracking, add the trackquery parameter to DBAddr command (see Section 3.10.2>) in your search template. For example:

DBAddr pgsql://user:pass@localhost/search/?dbmode=cache&trackquery

Note: If you use searchd, you should add this parameter only in your searchd.conf file.

You may use TrackDBAddr command to specify different database to store query tracking data. This database should have the same qtrack and qinfo tables as in DataparkSearch's database.

Query tracking is useful to have a statistics of your search engine usage. To make a search queries summary, you may execute, for example, this SQL expression:

SELECT qwords,count(*),sum(found),avg(found) FROM qtrack GROUP BY qwords;