Chapter 2. Installation

Table of Contents
2.1. SQL database requirements
2.2. Supported operating systems
2.3. Tools required for installation
2.4. Installing DataparkSearch
2.5. Possible installation problems
2.6. Creating binary distribution
2.7. Quick usage tour

2.1. SQL database requirements

Note that if you want to compile DataparkSearch with one of supported SQL database you must have this database already installed before installing DataparkSearch.

It is possible to use DataparkSearch with several SQL databases.

You also should have enough permission to create new database or to write into already existing one.

MySQL notes: If you want to build DataparkSearch with MySQL, 4.1 or later release required. libz library must be installed from zlib-devel RPM to successfully compile DataparkSearch with MySQL.

PostgreSQL notes: If you want to build DataparkSearch with PostgreSQL, 8.2 or later release required. The latest PostgreSQL version is recommended for the fresh install.

iODBC notes: iodbc-2.50.22a is known to work.

unixODBC notes: unixODBC-1.7 is known to work.

InterBase notes:

FreeTDS notes: 0.52 version is known to work with MS SQL 7.0.

Oracle8 notes: 8.0.5.X is known to work.

Oracle8i notes: 8.1.6 R2 EE is known to work.